The Journey begins again.

It seems about this time every year I seem to be writing the same words.  What is it that seems to drive me away from the most beautiful season in Virginia year after year?  Wanderlust.  You either understand or you don’t, but my guess if you have found your way here you are among those enlightened, and cursed, few who truly understand what a powerful and inescapable grip it can have on you.
I admit, I always go willingly.  In fact I go through great obstacles to go exploring.  The truth is you should never let obstacles keep you from going. JUST GO!  That’s the theme here after all.

On my site you will find photos and stories that I have written as well as inspirational quotes and blurbs to help you get out of the habit we all seem to fall so easily into:  Surviving instead of living.  This site is for those that want to choose life and explore this wonderful world we have.  

If you have a moment please sign my guestbook!  I hope to one day incorporate a good forum to help share advice and travel tips, but for now – feel free to ‘post’ to the guestbook. 

Hope you enjoy!  And remember, don’t live vicariously though my travels, get up and